What is baluh?

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baluh communication solution provides all the functions and alternative for people who have difficulty speaking. baluh is an application developed for Apple Touch platform (iPhone or iPod Touch and Iphone). It offers natural sound, text to speech voices, initially in 14 languages. baluh works with ARASAAC pictograms. These pictograms are distributed under Creative Commons license.

It has made a selection of about 400 Pictiograms by the Speech Area of the Paideia Foundation, which are the basis to perform a “My Book” that covers a large percentage of users with specific language needs.

baluh lets you create your “My Book” easily so that the user has what you need, and not something that is too large or unmanageable for the end user. baluh offers the possibility of downloading the pictiograms you need directly from the ARASAAC website.

The purpose of baluh is very clear, is an application made to be very functional, no juggling of any kind. The goal is to allow the user baluh have a communication with its environment, flexible and durable. Baluh focused heavily on children and adults with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder), in which we find, Rett disorder, Asperger syndrome, autistic spectrum, …. with specific language needs. It can also be helpful users with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, stroke or traumatic brain injury.

baluh can be a very useful in hospitals and specific rehabilitation services.



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